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That would depend on the terrain. A wolf would do better, probably, in a large, flat area with no undergrowth for the lynx to hide. But lynxes are more agile and would probably win anywhere else. But they have completely different fighting styles. A wolf will tackle huge prey with its jaws and clamp down, but a lynx will sneak up on medium-small prey, grab it, and scratch it over and over again until the poor thing is cornered, whereupon the lynx kills it. A wolf is used to bigger game than a lynx.

But all in all, I think the lynx would win, simply for this reason: A wolf is not meant to fight alone. It needs a pack for emotional and hunting support. It's used to lynching its prey. A lynx is self-reliant and would be better in a one-on-one conflict.

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A bobcat

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Q: What would win in a fight lynx or a wolf?
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