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Q: What wrestler did Bruno samartina beat for Title?
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Did frank Bruno win the world title?

No, Mike Tyson beat Frank Bruno twice. Once in 1989 when Mike Tyson was defending his title - he won via TKO in round 5 after battering Bruno againts the ropes with a series of vicious punches. He beat him again in 1996, this time Bruno was defending his WBC world title. Mike won via 3rd round TKO in a very similar fashion to the first fight - with Bruno againts the ropes getting punched out.

Wwe is Triple H strong?

yes he is a wrestler a strong wrestler who beat undertaker and big show

Who can beat a wrestler named chris Jericho?

Eddie Guerrero

Who can beat wrestler named John cema?

Triple h can beat John cena and he is the only one

What song title has the word beat in the title?

'Beat it' by Michael Jackson; The Beat Goes On by Sonny $ Cher

Has there been a black wrestler who beat The Undertaker?

The Rock and Booker T have.

How do you beat the sumo wrestler in Magic Tree House Island?

Dodge his attacks.

Who is the worst wrestler in the world?

SIMON DEAN, SANTINO MARELLAAND CRASH HOLLYno its not him blad its batista he dont now how ta wrestler even reymisterio can beat him

What was Bruno Mars arrested for twice?

he beat up a police man

How do you get the ninja master to come to you on poptropica?

You have to beat the sumo wrestler and then he'll reveal himself.

Can a pro wrestler beat a karate master?

It depends upon the abilities and strength of fighters

How strong is Chyna?

She is so strong she can beat a male wrestler in a match. Once, I think, for the intercontinental championship.