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Q: What year did Fritz pollard and Bobby marshall get drafted?
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First black nfl player?

Fritz Pollard and Bobby Marshall --> 1920

Who was bobby marshall?

Bobby Marshall, along with Fritz Pollard, were the first two African Americans to play in the NFL in 1920. Pollard played for the Akron Pros and Marshall played for the Rock Island Independants

What team did fritz pollard and bobby marshall play?

Fritz Pollard ... 1920-1921: Akron Pros 1922: Milwaukee Badgers 1923: Hammond Pros 1925: Hammond Pros, Akron Pros, Providence Steam Roller 1926: Akron Pros Bobby Marshall ... 1920: Rock Island Independents 1925: Duluth Kelleys

The first African American to play in the nfl?

Fritz Pollard for the 1920 Akron Pros and Bobby Marshall for the 1920 Rock Island Independents.

Who was the first colored high school football player?

Fritz Pollard and Bobby Marshall were the first colored players in what now is the NFL in 1920.

Who was the first NFL team to ger a black player?

That was the Akron Pros (Fritz Pollard) and the Rock Island Independants (Bobby Marshall) in the 1920 season, the first season of the League.

What is the birth name of Fritz Pollard?

Fritz Pollard's birth name is Frederick Douglass Pollard.

What is fritz pollard real name?

fredrerick douglass pollard

What were Fritz Pollard's contributions?


When did fritz pollard die and why?

Fritz Pollard was born on January 27, 1894, in Rogers Park, Illinois, USA.

How long did Fritz Pollard Play for the Akron Pros?

About 26 years ago. Fritz Pollard should play again for the Akron Pros.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Fritz Pollard Story - 2002?

The cast of The Fritz Pollard Story - 2002 includes: Joe Morton as Host