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¿Cuando vuelven? (When are you all coming back)

¿Cuando regresan (when are you all returning)

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Q: When are you guys coming back in spanish?
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Is lpso never coming back?

guys i am trying to bring it back i will just re-create it soon....- hopefully!

How do you spell when are you coming to back to ogden in Spanish?

Cúando regresas a Ogden?

You like this guy an he likes you back but he left to Mexico what do you do?

If you know he is not coming back move on. If you are a teen there will be other boyfriends and/or other guys you will like.

When are you coming back in spanish?

"When are you coming back?" in Spanish is "¿Cuándo regresas?" It is pronounced "QUAN-doe ray-GRAY-sas". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

What species begin coming back in each of the four stages of secondary succession after a forest fire?

You guys suck not a single answer.

What is guys in spanish?

"Guys" is "Muchachos". You could say "they", which is "ellos". You could also say "ustedes", which means "you guys", or sometimes, "ya'll".

How do you say I'm not coming back in this kitchen in Spanish?

Yo no voy a regresar en esta cocina

What did the English lookouts during the Spanish armada do to tell everyone they were coming?

When the Spanish were coming they lit the beacons so everyone new that the spanish were coming

Why do guys I'm not nice too keep coming back?

As they say, Treat them mean and keep them keen :) im guessing its a true saying!

Where were you guys in spanish?

"¿Dónde estaban?"

What does regresar mean in Spanish?

It means "to return", as in someone coming back to a location. To return an item to a store would be devolver.

When are you guys coming to visit?

4ish. O.K. Man?