When did Akatsuki Kambayashi die?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Akatsuki Kambayashi died in 1980.

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Q: When did Akatsuki Kambayashi die?
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What has the author Akatsuki Kambayashi written?

Akatsuki Kambayashi has written: 'Kambayashi Akatsuki' 'Shuiro no tamago'

When was Akatsuki Kambayashi born?

Akatsuki Kambayashi was born in 1902.

When was Chลhei Kambayashi born?

Chōhei Kambayashi was born in 1953.

Who is the last one to die from the akatsuki?

The latest one to die was Kisame (or Konan, but she defected from Akatsuki), but Zetsu and Obito is still alive (and Orochimaru since he once were an Akatsuki)

Will all the akatsuki die?


How does Asuma die in Naruto?

Hidan from the Akatsuki, killed him.

Will anyone in the akatsuki members die in naruto Shippuden?

Almost all the members of akatsuki have died only tobi is left and zetsu clones are left.

Does jiraya ever die?

Yeah the akatsuki member Pain kills him.

How did master jiraya died?

He died because he fight against the akatsuki, the leader of the akatsuki. Pain, he is the leader of the akatsuki, Master jiraya was killed by the akatsuki.

Is natuto in the akatsuki?

no the akatsuki is hunting him instead...

Is sasori the strongest in akatsuki?

No, he was the first to be killed in Akatsuki... so... i guess not. lol Well, technically, he wasn't the first to die, he was just the first shown to die. He is not the strongest( I believe) but he is not the weakest either. I know he is not weakest because of Deidara saying that sasori was stronger than him.

Does Gaara join Akatsuki?

No, he never joined Akatsuki. Akatsuki wanted to extract Shikaku (One tailed Raccon) from him which results death but they did it. So there is no way he would join Akatsuki.