When does temari save Shikamaru?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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temari saves shikamaru in episode 125 Konoha's allied village, the shinobi of the sand

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Q: When does temari save Shikamaru?
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Will Shikamaru end up with temari?

no, shikamaru wont end up with temari cause shikamaru will end up with ino

If Shikamaru ends up with Temari who will be with Ino?

Shikamaru wont end up with Temari but if ever Ino will be with Sai BUT AGAIN Shikamaru wont end up with Temari 'cause Shikamaru would end up with Ino

How did Shikamaru defeated Tayuya?

technically Shikamaru didn't defeat Tayuya, Temari did. after Shikamaru and Tayuya fight for awhile Temari came and helped Shikamaru. She performed an animal summoning and defeated Tayuya.

Who loves shikamaru?

Temari loves him.

What does Temari and Shikamaru's kid look like?

Temari and Shikamaru don't have a kid (yet), so you'll just have to use your imagination :)

Who is temari's crush?

temari doesn't have a crush.but she shows a softer nature on shikamaru.

What does temari help Shikamaru against the sound ninja?

Temari helps Shikamaru defeat one of the Sound Ninja Four with her wind jutsu.

Does Shikamaru and Temari kiss?

Of course not! They are not even together! Shikamaru doesn't like Temari and Temari doesn't like Shikamaru!

Does shikamaru like temari in naruto?

yes he does

Is shikamaru dating temari?

shikamaru and temari are currently not dating. they were just organizing the chunin exams together. in the future this may be the case, but not right now.

A good team with temari in in Naruto arena?

ok with temari? i know it on 100% temari,kidomaru,tenten or shikamaru!!

Who temari like?

Do you mean 'Who DOES Temari like?' She doesn't share a romantic relationship with anyone in the anime but she's particularly nicer around Shikamaru.