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yes there are rumors going around that he might be.

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Q: When is Kevin Nash making his return to WWE?
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Is Kevin Nash returning to WWE?

Yes he will return at the Roal Rumble....

Will Diesel return to WWE?

He has already returned to WWE. Kevin Nash (Diesel) has signed a 5 year contract with the WWE.

Is Kevin Nash still living wwe?

Kevin Nash is on tna

What WWE show is Kevin Nash on?

Technically, Kevin Nash doesnt wrestle for the WWE. He is currenty employed by TNA Impact!

Is sting and Kevin Nash coming to WWE?


WWF-WWE Has Kane ever had a match against Kevin Nash in a one on one?

Kane has went against Kevin Nash in the WWE. These are people that wrestle.

What happened to Kevin Nash?

Kevin Nash left the WWE and joined TNA. In 2011, Nash returned to the WWE during the pay-per-view event "The Royal Rumble". He is current operating inder a Legends Contract with the WWE.

Is Kevin Nash WWE's Masked Kane?

Kevin Nash wasn't the masked Kane. but in WCW Kane was diesel

Who is WWE superstar diesel?

Kevin Nash was diesel

What is WWE diesel's real name?

Kevin Nash

Who is the oldest WWE Superstar in 2011?

kevin nash

Has kevin Nash really been released by WWE?