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no it not included. That is a seperate purchase.

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Q: When you purchase a ticket to WWE Wrestlemania is fan-fest included in the cost of the ticket?
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How much is wrestlemania?

It is 55.95 pet ticket and on mainevent it is 39.95

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You can find WrestleMania tickets from vendors such as Ticket Master and by going to the WWE's official website for more details.

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If you mean for sentimental purposes then probably not. Tickets are expensive and especially for Wrestlemania. If you did want it for that purpose then you can probably buy them on-line from previous Wrestlemanias.

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Online along with a plane ticket and alot of spending cash

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Since its really important the ticket prices would be very high. I'm guessing lowest price would be around 60 to 70 dollars. Lowest.

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