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Because he is always living on the "Edge" and he wanted a different name for WWE so he picked "Edge".

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Q: Where did Adam Joseph Copeland get his nickname?
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What is the sexual orientation of Adam Joseph Copeland?

Adam Joseph Copeland, better known as Edge, is heterosexual.

Is Adam Joseph copeland a vegetarian?

No! Adam Copeland aka Edge is not vegetarian.

What is WWE's edge real name?

Adam copeland

Who is Edge's mother?

Adam Joseph Copeland or Edge's mom is Judith Copeland.

What is the full name of edge?

Adam Joseph Copeland.

Is Adam Joseph copeland the husband of vickie guerrerro?

Only in the storyline.

Edge WWE real name first and middle and last?

Adam Joseph Copeland

What is the real name The Edge?

Mark Stevens lll June 2010 - Wrong his real name is Adam Copeland

When was WWE superstar Edge born?

Edge (Adam Joseph Copeland) was born October 30, 1973.

What is WWE edge's full name?

Adam Copeland Adam Joesph Copeland

Does Adam Copeland have a brother or sister?

Adam Copeland does not any brothers or sisiters

When was Joseph T. Copeland born?

Joseph T. Copeland was born in 1813.