Who are all WWE corre members?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Ezekiel Jackson, Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel

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Q: Who are all WWE corre members?
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Is the corre in WWE all-stars?


Who is more famous the corre or the nexus IN WWE?

probably the corre cause no offense but nexus is not even good any more the corre wow they rock

Why did the corre break up?

Because the members of the corre were unable to co-exist with one another.

What is the name of the corre's WWE theme song?

end of days is the corres theme

Who is the big black on in the core on WWE?

The big black at The Corre is Ezekiel Jackson.

What is the plan for wwe nexus?

the nexus will continue to battle with the corre after wrestlemania 27 to summerslam

Who is in the corre WWE?

Ezekial Jackson, Wade Barett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater

How do you win the corre in WWE?

get big show or the great khilia to b on ur team!

What is wade barrets WWE smackdown theme song?

The same he used for the CORRE theme song

What is the name 0f the WWE team the corre songs name?

It is "End of Days" by 9 Electric and Nathan Hunt

What does WWE 12 have?

WWE 12 has many different features however it prides itself on having all new predator technology, muscle flex and create an area. Apart from all of this most of the other features from WWE Smackdown Vs Raw have been developed. New superstars include, Sin Cara, Wade Barrett, The Nexus, The Corre and a few more.

What is Corre's population?

The population of Corre is 614.