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Q: Who did kofi Kingston win the intercontenental title from?
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Who is Kofi Kingston vs mvp for the US championship?

kofi Kingston will win

Will kofi Kingston win the world title?

not necessarily he sticks to the smaller titles first but u never know when he will win a world title championship title

Who going to win the US championship kofi Kingston or mvp?


Is the great khali going to win antonio cesaro for the us champion?

No because Kofi Kingston is

Who will win the Intercontinental championship from dolph ziggler?

kofi Kingston did get the intercontinental champion belt of dolph ziggler

Who will win at summerslam 2010?

Dolph Ziggler should win Kofi Kingston Randy Orton should win Sheamus Kane should win Rey Mysterio Team WWE should win The Nexus

Who did santino beat to win the intercontinental championship?

kofi Kingston and mickie James in a tag team with Beth phoenx in a winner takes all match

How many championship belts did Kofi Kingston win?

He has won the Interconiental Championship, World Tag Team Championship with CM Punk and United States Championship

When will drew mcintyre loose the intercontinental championship?

Kofi Kingston used his second chance to its full potential at Over the Limit, officially defeating Drew McIntyre for the Intercontinental Championship. Kingston deftly reversed his opponent's Double Underhook DDT and hit him with the S.O.S. to win his second Intercontinental Title. Earlier on SmackDown, Kingston defeated Christian to earn the vacated Intercontinental Title. Howevet, Kingston was quickly stripped of it when the fired former titleholder, McIntyre, returned with a letter from Mr. McMahon stating he was still Intercontinental Champion. Kingston put McIntyre to the test at Over the Limit and finally, truly defeated the Scottish Superstar.

Who wins at extreme rules 2011?

CM Punk should win Randy Orton Sheamus should win Kofi Kingston Rey Mysterio should win Cody Rhodes Alberto Del Rio should win Christian John Cena should win The Miz & John Morrison

Who won capitol punishment WWE?

Dolph Ziggler should win Kofi Kingston The Big Show should win Alberto Del Rio CM Punk should win Rey Mysterio Randy Orton should win Christian John Cena should win R-Truth

Who will win the 2010 rolay rumble?

one of these six choices: 1.Kane 2.Edge 3.CM Punk 4.kofi kingston 5.TripleH 6.John Morrison