Who inspired Batista?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Dave batista was inspired by tripple h, ric flair and randy orton all members from evolution.

vince just said yes

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Q: Who inspired Batista?
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What is batista real name?

Batista's real name is David Michael Bautista, Jr.Dave batista

What nicknames does Adrian Batista go by?

Adrian Batista goes by Batista.

Where does batista come from the Philippines?

Batista isn't From the Phillipines. Batista is From Washington, DC.

Who is Kate batista?

Batista's wife?

Is undertaker a Filipino?

No! but Batista is.

Does batista have a brother?

No he does not. Batista has a sister named Donna. No he does not. Batista has a sister named Donna.

Batista's book is called?

"Batista Unleashed"

Is Batista from Seattle?

No, Batista is from Washington, D.C.

Who is stronger Kurt anglevs batista?


Who is briyanna batista?

Dave batista's daughter

What is Dave batista's facebook?

Dave batista

How many batista bombs have batista did?