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Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage is he's master together with Obito and Rin.

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Q: Who is Kakashi s sensei's sensei's sensei?
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Who is Kakashi's sensa?

kakashi's sensei is minato yondaime the 4th hokage

Is Kakashi Narutos step brother?

is kakashi narutos stepbrother

How do you be senseis buddy?

you cant actually that isnt true i know someone who has sensei on their buddy list

Who was Naruto's first sensei?

Iruka Sensei was narutos school sensei and Kakashi Sensei was narutos Team sensei. iruka was his school sensei. then as a new genin his sensei was kakashi hatake. and then he trains with jiraiya (the toad sage and his godfather and a sannin) for 2.5 years and they leave the village and go somewhere. and i dont know if naruto gets another sensei after jiraiya dies

Is Kakashi and the fourth Hokage friend?

Sensei and student.

Who is Naruto's sensai?

It's Sensei and the answer is Kakashi Hatake.

How do you get the senseis auto graph?

you click on sensei and click on the a thing that looks like an eraser (but first you got to find him)

When Kakashi know naruto is yadamie son?

Minato was Kakashi's sensei, and they look a lot alike. He probably always knew.

Who would win in a fight between Guy Sensei and Kakuzu?

Gui Sensei is a huge dork, but he is also very very talented. He is also Kakashi's "greatest rival." Seeing that Kakashi took Kakuzu out, I believe that Guy could also handle him.

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Sensei's password on club is ClubPenguinSensei. If you don't think I'm right than proof it. Today is April 28th.