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i think Shawn micheals had a great career but John Cena is defenetely better because what impact he has had on the WWe

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john cena is way better he beat Shawn Michaels in wrestlemania

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John Cena.

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Q: Who is better Shawn Michael or John Cena?
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Will John Cena lose his wwe Title at Wrestlmania 23?

no because he beat Shawn Michael at wrestlemania 23

Shawn Michaels vs john cena?

John cena has defeated Shawn michaels a few times in pay per view events in WWE Shawn too has pinned Cena a few times

When did Shawn Michaels meet cena?

In 2002 when John cena first debuted.

Is batista the best wrestler?

he is the best and is better than undertaker john cena Shawn michaels and triple h

Who is better John Cena or the Miz?

John Cena is better.

What year did Edge speared John Cena Shawn Michaels Chirs Jericho and Batista?

edge speared john cena Shawn michaels chris Jericho and batista in 2010

Is Shawn Michaels better than john cena?

John cena is over rated GO HBK

Who is a john cena or Shawn micheals fan?

a human being

Who inspired John Cena?

Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels

Who is better John Cena or eugene?

john cena

Who is better John Cena or carlito?

John Cena

Who is better Kane or John Cena?

John cena is better because Kane got beaten by MArk henry and John cena beat Mark henry so that proves John Cena is better