Who is stronger a dog or a wolf?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A Wolf is stronger because they are the ancestors of all dogs. In fact Eskimos used to take friendly wolf pups and raise them to be the lead dog for their sleds.

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Definitely a bear. do you realize how much they weigh!

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A wolf is stronger than an alaskan malamute because a wolf is heavier and larger.

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Q: Who is stronger a dog or a wolf?
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Is a wolf stronger than a police dog?

The wolf might win the dog, but the officer will kill it with its pistol.Answer 2:The wolf would win because it is stronger, has stronger teeth, and has bigger jaws.

What animal has stronger jaws a wolf of a pit bull dog?

A wolf typically has stronger jaws than a pit bull dog. Wolves have evolved powerful jaws designed for hunting and taking down large prey in the wild, while pit bulls were selectively bred for different qualities such as gameness and strength but do not match the jaw strength of a wolf.

Are wolfdogs strong dogs?

Yes, wolfdogs are stronger than any other dog breed due to their recent wolf blood. Their jaws are stronger as well.

How do you make a human in alxemy?

Wolf+Dog :)

Who is stronger a wolf or a hyena?


Wolf dog... is it legit or not?

Yes their is such dogs as wolf dogs. A wolf dog is a mix of a wolf and a dog

When was The Wolf Dog created?

Wolf Dog was created in 1958.

Is a bear stronger than a wolf?

It is bigger with more muscular power than a wolf. That's how a bear's stronger than a wolf.

Is the wolf in Wild Hearts a wolf or a dog?

a dog

What was the first dog breed not wolf related?

All dog's are wolf related, they are all a sub species of the wolf. A dog can breed with a wolf and produce fertile offspring. If a dog cannot breed with a wolf then it is not a dog but another canine.

Did the wolf scare the dog?

Yes. The wolf is sacred of a dog. The dog's in (canines).

Which is stronger a striped hyena or a gray wolf?

A gray wolf is stronger because it out weighs the hyena and is mored skilled than a striped hyena, not to say that a striped hyena is just a weak scavenger like most people say. Think about it like this, if a striped hyena is attacked by a large dog it will feign death, if a wolf is attacked by a dog, it will kill it, even the most powerful dogs. A more equal fight would be a gray wolf vs spotted hyena.