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Goldberg.Brock lenser defeated John Cena.Goldberg defeated Brok lenser.If you want to know who are the top 11 wrestlers...


2nd:Brock lenser

3rd:The Rock and Stone cold


5th:Randy orton


7th: Kane

8th:Triple H

9th : hbk

10th:Great khali

11th:John cena

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Brock doubt in the match with lesnar vs big show u would c lesnar is able to hit the f5 with ease not to forget he has done other moves on big show that requires a lot of power more then what cena or triple h poses.

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Q: Who is stronger brock lesnar or john cena or hhh?
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John Cena

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John Cena is WAY better than Brock Lesnar.

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Will john cena beat brock lesnar?

Yes he will

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John Cena is WAY better than Brock Lesnar.

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John Cena won this match

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no one can beat cena

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Brock Lesnar

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John Cena won this match

How many time brock lesnar vs john cena?


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Against Brock Lesnar yes