Who is the 2013 WWE champion?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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C.M punk

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Q: Who is the 2013 WWE champion?
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Who is the current WWE champion 2013?

John Cena is the current WWE Champion as of May 2013.

Who is the WWE champion on 2013?

Its the great one The Rock

Who is us champion of wrestling?

WWE wrestler is the united states champion since 2013 he still is in2014

Who won at TLC pay per view 2013?

WWE Champion Randy Orton def. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion (Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match)

What is it called when a WWE superstar is the WWE champion and the world heavyweight champion at the same time?

he is the undisputed WWE champion

Who was the 2012 WWE Smack Down champion?

The champion of the 2012 WWE Smack Down was CM Punk. CM Punk has since been the champion since November 2011 up until the month of January in 2013, where he was defeated by The Rock.

What are the championship belts in WWE made of?

world heavyweight champion wwe champion intercomtinental champion wwe tag team champion world tag team champion ecw champion divas champion united states champion

Who is the US championship in WWE?

Currently Antonio Cesaro is the US champion. As of 2/1/2013.

Who is th WWE champion?

the wwe champion cuurently is randy orton

Who is the fastest WWE champion?

The fastest wwe champion is John Cena

Who is the wwe world champion in 2012?

CM Punk is the WWE Champion

Who is WWE champion-?

well it is vacantIt is not vacant Sheamus is the WWE Champion