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little john Sena

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Q: Who is the kid who got a wedgie from john cena?
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Does John Cena have kid?

No, John Cena does not have kids.

How do you know john cena adopted a kid?

John Cena didnt adopt a kid

Did john cena get bullied?

John cena was bullied as kid finally he got so tired of it he began to do weights and worked on it every day after school through his weights coach was how he became known!

Is john cena the godfather of ortons kid?


Where did john cena go to school as a kid?


What is john cenas kids name?

John Cena doesn't have any kids so he doesn't have any kid names

How do you give a cool kid a wedgie?

Just wedgie them!

Is fred john cena's kid?

nope, only in the movie

What was john cena's favorite toy as a kid?

It could be Cars or Action figures sorry that I could not give you a certain answer and I love John Cena My WORLD!

Who did john cena wrestle at WrestleMania 18?

what are you a kid? John cena never wrestled in the wwf, he debut in 2003...

How does john cena kid looks like?

He doesn't have kids.. he is still young.

Does john cena like hulk hogan?

Yes he does when he was a kid he acted like he was hogan