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Kung Fu Naki

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Q: Who is the lowest paid wrestler in WWE?
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Who are the ton 10 highest Paid wrestlers in the WWE and in TNA wrestling?

Highest paid wrestler in WWE is Triple H.

How much do a WWE wrestler get paid if they have a title?

Whatever their contract states.

How much a WWE wrestler get paid in 2011 per match?

They are not paid by the match. It is whatever is in their contract.

Is MVP really the highest paid wrestler in WWE?

Probably not, because he has only been in WWE for two years and the longer you wrestle, the more you get paid

Who was the fist WWE wrestler?

who was the fist wwe wrestler

Has Montel Vonatvious Porter taken steroids?

No because he is the high paid wrestler in WWE hsitory.

Who is the least paid WWE wrestler?

Any of the newcommers. Or some of the stars who on preform on Dark Shows.

How tall is WWE wrestler edge?

WWE Wrestler Edge is 6.6

Who is the Yougest WWE wrestler?

At 16 Jeff Hardy was the youngest wrestler ever in the wwe

Is there a wwe wrestler name john hunter?

No. There is no WWE Wrestler by the name of John Hunter.

What is the starting salary of a wrestler?

A WWE wrestler can make $50,000$ to $1,000,000 a year. TNA superstars Get about half of that. WWE's biggest and most paid superstar is john cena. He at least makes 2,000,000. TNA's most paid wrestler is Kurt angle at $650,000. Cena doesn't make two million a year. Kurt is not TNA highest paid wrestlers that would be Hogan Bischoff and flair. Don't sorealies

Where is WWE wrestler Edge now?

In wwe.