Who killed killer bee?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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He is still alive and hiding

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Q: Who killed killer bee?
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Who is stronger killer bee or raikage?

killer bee all day

Does Killer Bee have a wife in Naruto?

Killer Bee does not have a wife and never has.

Who would win in a fight killer bee or pain?

killer bee

Who killed the jinchurikis?

Akatsuki did. The only jinchurikis left are Killer Bee (Eight-tails) and Naruto (Nine-tails).

Is bee killer dangerous to inhale?

Yes, Bee Killer is dangerous to inhale.

What episode does killer bee escape the Akatsuki?

The killer bee escapes the Akatsuki in episode 143. The killer bee switched himself with a tentacle in order to escape.

What amount of people are killed each year of killer bee attacks?

On average, killer bee attacks result in a few deaths per year worldwide. The actual number of fatalities can vary based on factors such as the region and the severity of the attacks.

What is the common name of the Killer Bee?

The common name for the Killer Bee is the Africanized Honey Bee.

Does Naruto have a fight with Sasuke in the shippuden series and who wins?

sasuke wins because he killed killer bee or 8 tails

Who would win a killer bee or a honeybee?

The Africanized honey bees (aka killer bee) is a more aggressive bee than the regular honey bee. The "killer bee" was created by cross breeding the African Honey Bee with various European Honey Bees. The fear many Bee Keepers feared when it was discovered that the "killer" bee's were heading to the U.S. was safety for their honey bee's. Since the Africanized honey bee was/is more aggressive. Therefore because of the intense aggression, the answer to your question would more than likely be the "killer bee" would win.

Can you stay alive if you get bit by a killer bee?

Yes, killer bees are Africanized so they are more aggressive but the individual bee is no more dangerous than a honey bee.

Who kiled kisame?

Killer Bee.