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Q: Who would win in a fight hulk or wreck it Ralph?
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Who would win in a fight the hulk or the thing?

The hulk

Who would win in a fight beast or hulk?

Hulk ftw!

Who would win in a fight super man or hulk?


Who would win in a fight between hulk and galactus?


How would win in a fight hulk or thur?


Who would win hulk or captin America in a fight?

Probably the Hulk

Who would win in a fight between Hulk vs Martian Manhunter?

The Hulk would beat him up. Martian Manhunter will say that Hulk is making a fool of himself but Hulk would punch him in the arm. Hulk would punch him into the wilderness and fight him there. Hulk will punch him 5 times to knock him out and get out of the wilderness.

Who would win in a fight Gladiator or Hulk?

Of Course The Hulk since he has Unlimited force wich depends on his level on Anger, maybe in the beginning of the fight Gladiator would be even with Hulk but at the End Hulk would kick butt because he would only get stronger and stronger as the fight progresses.

If the hulk is going to fight raiden who would win?

That would be a good fight but in the movie "Hulk vs Thor" Thor shot a bolt of lighting at Hulk and the Hulk didn't even get hurt. So since all Raiden can do is shoot lighting then the Hulk would win.

Who would win in a fight Wolverine and Hulk vs Daken and Rulk?


Who would win a fight between the Devil Hulk or Iron Man?

devil hulk and he is not the strongest hulk

Can the Hulk beat Godzilla?

Yes hulk would win because Godzilla is a dog and can't fight and hulk would smash him