Who would win ryu or sagat?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Who would win ryu or sagat?
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Who would win in a fight ryu or sagat?

Sagat would probably win because of his muay thai fighting style. The only reason ryu won the first time was because after sagat beat him half to death, sagat tryed to help him up and did a sneaky metsu hadoken.

How is the stronges in street fighter?

theres lots of them shin akuma shin vega akuma m bison sagat ken ryu birdie zangief evil ryu super ryu

Who would win ryu or scorpion from Mortal Kombat?

definatatly scorpion!

Who would win kid Goku or Ryu?

kid goku definitly

Who would win Naruto or fuuka?

yes because naruto and iruks came from the same background with having no parents so iruka is able to symathize with him NO, SHE ONLY KISSED HIM TO STEAL HIS CHAKRA. BY. Answerwolfman She is also sexy.

Who will win ryu or ken?


When did Sagat Singh die?

Sagat Singh died in 2001.

When was Sagat Singh born?

Sagat Singh was born in 1918.

Who took out sagat eye?

Sagat from street fighter is black.

Ryu vs Goku?

Goku win him can destroy earth with finger blast ryu? even his hadouken even can't destroy the car....

When was François Sagat born?

François Sagat was born on 1979-06-05.

Who would win Batman or ryu?

This would be interesting to watch, as Ryu is a great martial artist, and Batman is a blackbelt in all martial arts. Just as a guess, I'll go with Ryu, just because of the (can't spell it) energy attack he has. *The attack is called Hadouken. And it wins at bowling but maybe batman, because of all his weapons in his BELT!!!! *He has everything on his belt you could ever imagine except a tolerance for crime. *edited by Mojohobo