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Jesse (Ray Gordy) was released due to a lack of crowd reaction in April 2010. He then retired from professional Wrestling. Festus (Drew Hankinson) became Luke Gallows and joined the Straight Edge Society. Following the end of the Straight Edge Society, Hankinson was released in Novemeber 2010. Hankinson now works on TNA/iMPACT as "DOC."

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Q: Why did Festus and Jesse leave the WWE?
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Will Jesse and festus be in WWE smackdown vs raw 2009?

Yes they are

Has Jesse won any titles in WWE?

no, he has not though festus his tag team partner has come back to the wwe as part of the straight edge society.

When was Jesse and festus born?

Jesse was Born on March 23 1979 & Festus December 22 1983

Why aren't Jesse and festus wrestling on smackdown?

Because Jesse has been released and festus is now Luke Gallows.

What is Jesse and festus real name?

Festus real name is Drew Hankinson and Jesse real name is Ray Gordy. And your welcome

What is Jesse and festus theme song?

Biscuits and Gravy

Who sings the 'Jesse and Festus' theme song?

Jim johnstone

Who sings biscuits and gravy?

Jesse and Festus sang Biscuits and Gravy.

What is the height and weight of WWE wrestler Festus?

He is 6'7" and weight 330

What happened to WWE festus?

He got released from wwe in 2010 and is currently wrestling in the independent circuits

Where is festures in WWE?

Festus is actually Luke Gallows from the straight edge society!

Is the old Kane going to return?

he has he doesn't were a mask his wwe name is now Festus