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He has said that he is a bit tired and he wants to focus on his art, music and personal life for a while. I'm sure he isn't retiring for good, this is just a break. He needed it, just look at his face, he looked so tired. He may come back just in time for Wrestlemania 26!

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Jeff Hardy left WWE because he faced cm punk in a rematch for the world heavywieght championship witch Jeff Hardy lost so he was forced to leave WWE so now he wrestles for TNA.

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he went over too tna instead.

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Q: Why did Jeff hardy leave WWE in 2009?
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Is Jeff Hardy really quitting the WWE in 3 months?

I think that sometime in June 2009 Jeff Hardy's wwe contract will expire and Jeff will leave to pursue other interests. Sorry to all the Jeff Hardy fans out their.

Why did Jeff hardy leave the WWE for tna wrestling?

Because CM Punk retired him from the WWE in Summer Slam 2009

Did Jeff hardy choose to leave the WWE?

yes he did but wwe will miss him

Why did Jeff Hardy really leave the WWE?

Jeff Hardy left WWE wrestling so that all the injuries that he had could heal.

What year was Jeff Hardy's last match in the WWE?

Jeff Hardy's last match was in 2009.

Did Jeff Hardy leave the WWE because he was using drugs?

No, he left because him and CM Punk had a match whoever lost would leave the WWE and Jeff Hardy lost.

What year did Jeff and Matt Hardy leave WWE?


Is Jeff hardy going to leave and go back to WWE?


Will Jeff hardy ever come back to WWE?

Jeff Hardy will be back in WWE eventually. As of 2010, Jeff Hardy is signed with WWE.

Does Jeff hardy like cm punk?

yes because cm punk made Jeff hardy leave wwe forever.

Who will return to WWE in 2009?

The Undertaker p.s Jeff hardy has left

When will Jeff Hardy be back in WWE?

It is unknown when or if Jeff Hardy will be returning to WWE.