Why did Kakashi join the ANBU?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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because ANBU is the powerful group team in NARUTO.

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Q: Why did Kakashi join the ANBU?
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How did Kakashi get into the ANBU?

He applied for it just as any other ANBU does.

Is Kakashi ABNU?

..yes and no,because he used to be anbu and no because he is no longer anbu..

Why won't my game let me face Anbu Kakashi in Naruto Sippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3?

If you're doing it in mission mode and haven't unlocked every character before Anbu Kakashi and did %20 of their missions and %40 of Kakashi's missions you can't face Anbu Kakashi until you do that.

How do you unlock anbu Kakashi in Naruto the broken bond?

If ANBU Kakashi is even avalable on naruto the broken bond then you would have to find his ninja card and beat him

How do you beat Kakashi in Naruto clash of ninja revolution 3?

if you're talking about anbu kakashi I suggest that you down+A then finish with the tornado (up+X) or his default secret technique right after anbu kakashi did his down+A

How do you get anbu Kakashi in nconr 3?

Get every thing in the shop then do 20% of each character's missions and 40% of kakashi's mission. After that redo his S-rank mission and beat anbu kakashi instead of Guy. Then he will be available to buy from the shop.

How do you get anbu Kakashi on Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3?

First, you have to unlock every other character. Then, with every person (besides Kakashi), you complete 20% of their missions. Then, you complete 40% of Kakashi's missions. Then, you do one of Kakashi's S-rank missions. Win it, play it again and win, and you have ANBU Kakashi.

What is Kakashi's ANBU Mask?

pretty sure its a dog

What age hatake Kakashi enter the anbu?

13 years old

How do you get band and anbu Kakashi in nsconr3?

bando you have to buy him when you do at least 700 - 100 battles you have to buy everything in the shop and have at least 100,000 ryo at hand once you buy him to get anbu kakashi go on mission list beat kakashi's missions by 40% or higher then you have to go to everyone Else's mission list beat at least 20% of their missions then you go on kakashi's mission list again click on the S rank mission then you will have to beat up anbu kakshi. once you beat anbu kakashi go to shop and buy him hope this was helpful

How do you unlock anbu Kakashi on naruto calsh of ninja revolution 3?

First step is that you must buy every other character there is to buy (except Anbu Kakashi) Then you need to complete at least 20% (hokage rank) of everyone's missions, and 40%+ of Kakashi's Missions You must beat Kakashi's S Rank Mission Vs. Gai then do it again But this time you will be facing anbu kakashi instead of Gai and you will have to beat him. Once you beat him he will be unlocked in the shop for 100,000 ryo.

Who is the last character in naruto the broken bond?

its anbu kakashi and chunin sasuke