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because he likes too

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Q: Why did WWE's john Morrison change his name?
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Why does John Morrison bear such strong resemblance to Jim Morrison?

some people just look alike, John Morrison last name is really Morrison, it's Hennigan, he went with Morrison because he wanted to change his image

What is John Morrison's real name?

John Morrison's real name is John Randall Hennigan.

Is John Morrison's name really John Morrison?

no. it's john hennigan.

Is johnny nitro really john morrison?

Yes, he is the same person. However, he did NOT change his name to his real one. His real last name is John Hennigan. His name was changed along with a change in personality and hair color. The name "Morrison" was chosen as an homage to the late rock star Jim Morrison, whom he slightly resembles.

What is John-alick Morrison's middle name?

No It is Not Randall Im John-Alick Morrison IM ONLY 11 YEARS OLD NOW DO NOT CHANGE THIS ANSWER OK¿Its Laurrance

Is john hannigan related to Jim Morrison?

John Morrison is related to Jim Morrison. they have the same last name and they look like each other. Also John Morrison loves the doors.

What was John Wayne's real name?

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison but shortly after his birth his parents decided to name their second son Robert so his name was changed to Marion Mitchell Morrison.Maryln Morrison + John WayneJohn Wayne's name was Marion Mitchell Morrison.

What is James Morrison to Jim Morrison?

They are the same person, his real name was James Douglas Morrison, However, he went by Jim.

Wwe superstar johny nitros real name?

The WWE superstar Johnny Nitro (now John Morrison's) real name is John Hennigan

How do you create john Morrison in svr 2007?

John Morrison is in the game under his old name, Johnny Nitro.

What was john wayne birth name?

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison. Shortly after his parents decided to name their second boy Robert & his name was changed to Marion Mitchell Morrison although it seems Wayne alternately gave out his name as Marion MichaelMorrison because he liked the name.

What is WWE the john Morrison real name?

John Randall Hennigan