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Becuase they are a different culture.

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Because we have different culture, though there are similarities, 将军, is the leader of a trope, they wear similar battle uniforms as samurai though, and they carry a type of sword that is similar to a katana but heavier and both sides are sharp and most are made out of copper.

Ninjas how ever does not exist in China, but there are dangerous thieves that wear similar clothing as Ninjas and are very skilled, they only work by night time, i hope this helped

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Q: Why did the Chinese not have ninjas and samurais?
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Who is better Ninjas or Samurais?

History tells that ninjas used to be farmers, who defeated the samurais for revenge.

Is there a recognisable theme for and any of the characters in Kung Fu Panda 2?

Ninjas, or samurais.

Are ninjas Chinese or japanize?

They are Japanize

Are nijas Chinese or Japanese?

Ninjas originated in Japan during the feudal era. They were covert agents skilled in espionage, sabotage, and guerrilla warfare. So, ninjas are Japanese, not Chinese.

Do ninjas use samurais?

If you mean samurai swords, then yes. If you mean actually hiring samurai, then no. Some ninja were former samurai however.

Is ninjas Japanese or Chinese?


What weapon does most ninja's use?

There is was no such thing as "ninjas" in Ancient History. Although movies have made them into black suited and stealth like warriors, the only type of warriors Japan had were the famous Samurais. Sometimes though, Samurais would dress up in black suits to spy on an enemy or to assassinate.

Do ninjas take jujitsu?

Yes, If ninja concentrate a lot. They can be able to open up their inner chakra and be able to use jutsu. Unfortified, it would take years just to be able to find their inner chakra that they wouldnt be able to learn how to control it so they can use jutsu.If you acutally believed in this stuff, you are a big loser.

How is ninja written in Japanese?

That is where ninjas originated. But they are actually known as Ninjanese. Some people think that Ninjas are Chinese or Japanese, but that is not the correct orrigination. Ninjanese is in fact the correct one.

Do samurais speak Thai?

No. Samurais are from Japan, not Thailand. They Speak Japanese.

What kind of weaponry do Samurais use?

Samurais are most noted for their katana use. Samurais are most skilled with the katana. Samurais also carry a backup weapon called a wakizashi. Both the katana and wakizashi are forms of a sword. Some Samurais also use a bow known as a yumi.

How long do samurais have to serve?

As long as they still alive, they are still consider a samurais