Why does chavo hate rey mysterio?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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He doesn't it is just storyline

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Q: Why does chavo hate rey mysterio?
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Who was first to fight rey mysterio?

chavo in wwe!

When did Chavo Guerrero turn heel?

2006 when he betrayed Rey Mysterio

Are rey mysterio and chavo Guerrero friends?

Yes they are very good friends.

The top 5 fives tallest wrestler?

rey mysterio, hornswoggle, chavo, Eddie and vickie

Does Rey Mysterio have a Tag Team Partner?

Rey Mysterio is not currently in a tag team, however in the past he has teamed up with many superstars including Eddie Guerrero, Batista, and Chavo Guerrero.

Where is chavo Guerrero now since rey mysterio hurt him?

He is injured, not in real life. In reality, he is suspended for using steroids.

Did Rey Mysterio jr train Rey Mysterio?

Yes, Rey Mysterio Sr. is his uncle and was the one that trained him.Rey Mysterio Jr. is Rey Mysterio.

Who would win rey mysterio or Eddie galario?

rey mysterio

Dose rey mysterio hate any one in the WWE?

yes Rey Mysterio hates cm punk because cm punk hurt his daughter's feelings when it was her birthday.

Is rey mysterio jr related to rey mysterio senior?

yes.Rey Mysterio is wwe's Rey Mysterios uncle. He was a big star in Mexico

What nationality is rey mysterio?

Rey Mysterio Is Mexican

Is rey mysterio awesome?

Rey Mysterio is awesome