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he is born

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Q: Why does the author not show us Rainsford's final fight with Zaroff?
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How does Rainsford return to Zaroff's house at the end of 'The Most Dangerous Game'?

Rainsford swims back to the chateau after evading Zaroff in the jungle. He sneaks into the house and confronts Zaroff in his bedroom, ultimately defeating him in their final showdown.

When did Final Fight happen?

Final Fight happened in 360.

When was Final Fight created?

Final Fight was created in 1989-12.

To escape from Zaroff Rainsford?

Rainsford must outwit Zaroff in a deadly game of cat and mouse on Ship-Trap Island. He uses his survival skills and cunning to turn the tables on Zaroff and ultimately defeat him in their final confrontation. This allows Rainsford to escape and survive the hunt.

When did Mighty Final Fight happen?

Mighty Final Fight happened in 1993.

When was Mighty Final Fight created?

Mighty Final Fight was created in 1993.

When did Final Fight Revenge happen?

Final Fight Revenge happened in 1999.

When was Final Fight Revenge created?

Final Fight Revenge was created in 1999.

What is the resolution of The Most Dangerous Game?

The resolution of "The Most Dangerous Game" involves Rainsford defeating Zaroff in a final showdown. After surviving the hunt and using his wit and skills to outsmart Zaroff, Rainsford manages to turn the tables on his adversary and ultimately emerge victorious in the deadly game.

How does rainsford return to Zaroff's at the of the story?

he does all of the above on the way back

How was the final fight in the fall of the Aztecs?

I can just say that the final fight was NAS-T

What are the slight two annoyances that keep zaroff from perfect enjoyment on his final night?

He heard strange sounds in the bedroom and his dogs were barking ferociously.