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Q: Why is it a crimanal offense to smack children?
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Why do mum smack kid on the bottom?

Mothers smack their children's bottom when they're naughty.

Should parents smack there children?


Do all mothers and dads smack their children?

Not all people hit their children.

How you can help your children in his development?

smack em hard

Is lemony snicket a crimanal?

No he is not.

Should parents be allowed to smack their children?

That is a matter of opinion, some people think it hurts children's self-esteem, others think it is a form of discipline. I think parents should be allowed to smack their children, enough to hurt and teach them what they are doing is wrong, but not so much as to take belts and spoons and smack their children so much that they bleed.

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Should parents smack children's?

No you should not smack your parents because that is vary disrespectful. Do you like it when your parents smack you everyday on purpose? Than don't do that to your parents that shows you don't have any manners at all.

Is it illegal to smack children?

yes in some states child abuse you go to jail for cruelty to children

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