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This question is not relevant to what u one wants to give their weight online...

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Q: Why is the great khali the only ultra heavyweight in smackdown vs raw 2007 and you cant be?
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What ranks are there in the WWE?

There is plently but some got deleted there was the Light Heavyweight, CrusierWeight, there is now Super Heavyweight, Ultra Heavyweight (Andre the Giant) Heavyweight

A ultra ball or a great ball?

witch one is better? great balls. other people think its ultra ball because of the key word ULTRA. but if you want to catch good use some ultra balls and then a great ball. it increases the catch rate. ultra is not better then a great ball =) Rather than the morons above me, I'll actually back up my answer with some evidence. Ultra Balls have a higher catch rate. The description of an Ultra Ball in Pokemon SoulSilver: "An ultra-performance Ball that provides a higher catch rate than a Great Ball." ~Pokemon SoulSilver. If this isn't enough... "The Great Ball is a standard PokéBall you can obtain. It has a 1.5x Capture rate that increases the likelihood of capturing a Pokémon." ~Serebii "The Ultra Ball is a standard PokéBall you can obtain. It has a 2x Capture rate that increases the likelihood of capturing a Pokémon." ~Serebii

How do you get unlimited ultra and great and masterballs in Pokemon XD?

Not possible.

How do you use the word ultra in a sentence?

Ultra is typically a prefix, not a word, but is used as slang or a short form of longer words.(extremist, from ultra-nationalist)Police rounded up ultra suspects after the bombing.(ultra marathon)Running an ultra requires great endurance.(ultra-secret)British decryption of German codes in World War II was code-named Ultra.

Between a great ball and ultra ball which is more accurate?

Well pokeballs don't really have "accuracy" but ultra balls are more likely to capture a pokemon, try to stay away from great balls, as normally a normal pokeball will be as or more effective than them. to put it simply, Ultra ball.

How many ultra balls do you need to catch moltres?

for me what i did i didnt have any ultra balls all i had was 10 great balls and i used mega kick with my blastiose and used about 5 great balls and caught it :^) -drew

Can you turn an ultra ball or great ball into a master ball in leaf green?


Why do your ultra balls miss Zapdos?

no one knows. great balls work

Where can I find a blog on ultra marathon nutrition?

There are plenty of great blogs where you can find information on ultra marathon nutrition.A couple i recommend are or

Charles Barkley basketball card in great condition a 1994 fleer ultra?


What poke ball should be used to catch zaptos in soul silver?

i used the love ball but it didn't work.then i used a great ball it worked!use ultra or great balls because the other ones work on ones with special qualites.but great and ultra balls work on all kinds!

How many ultra balls does it take to catch Suicune?

i caught it first time in a great ball