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Mostly no as most of the Roy belongs to Brahmins or Kshatriya Brahmins in India as well as Bengal. Few of Roy may get in other caste mainly in Bengal, but they all have strong & higher root in society. A few Roy also may falls on Sch. Caste but they are belongs to pure Brahmins as their customs/ rituals are falls under Brahmin or Brahman system. Moral is that any Roy/ Ray belongs to minimum level of Zamindar group/ administrator.

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y can roy not in obc

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Q: Can 'ROY' be treated as a OBC caste in West Bengal?
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Is basak scheduled caste?

Scheduled caste is not in considered on the basis of just surnames.. scheduteld caste decided on the basis of original caste...the surnames basak or bosak find in Assam, West bengal, bihar states of India. however, all they are having same surnames but belongs to different caste, in west bengal they are belong to Kshatriya and Vaishya,Tantubais, Karmakars etc. in Assam same surnames may be , Bania(Bonia), In Bihar they are bolongs to chaupal caste. Chaupal caste is considered as scheduled caste under Government of Bihar and West Bengal and Bania(Bonia) caste is considered as scheduled caste under Government of Assam however other caste such Vaishaya etc is considered as OBC in West bengal, Bihar or in Assam..

Which caste is gorai in bengali?

Gorai caste fall under OBC category in Jharkhand and West Bengal. They are traditionally occupied with Oil extraction profession. They are Teli in profession.

Is gavli an obc caste?

yes its an obc caste

What are the obc Muslim caste in India?

details of obc caste

Is Jana surname belongs to OBC in Bengal?

No. In fact, we are very proud of being Mahishyas as in Mahishya Samaj- a movement led by Birendra Shashmal. Proud in this context means being regarded for exactly what we are and not being put into any other higher or lower caste. I think, you will not come down asking if Mahishyas are OBC- please check who can fortunately make to the list of OBCs.

Does chauhan caste comes undar obc?

Yes Chauhan caste is OBC and are actually Nai (barber) caste.

Is Bairagi a schedule caste in Bengali?

No, Bairagi is not a Scheduled Caste in West Bengal. Bairagi is a Hindu sect involved in religious activities. Scheduled Castes are socially disadvantaged groups identified in the Indian Constitution for positive discrimination.

Is kundu surname belong to schedule caste in west Bengal?

No. Kundu is one of the highest rank cast in Bengali(Kayashta/Tili). They may be business man or may be involved in agriculture. But they don't belong to SC, ST or OBC.

Is nadar caste is schedule caste?


Difference between bc and obc castes?

bc-backword caste obc-other backward caste

Does Rastogi caste belongs to SC or ST or OBC?


Is katiyar caste scheduled caste?

No . They belong to OBC .