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Q: How many Punjabi universities in India?
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How do you write India in Punjabi?

India is written as ਭਾਰਤ in Punjabi.

What languages are spoken in India - Punjabi Evenki or Marathi?

Punjabi and Marathi.

Which language is not spoken in India - Marathi Evenki or Punjabi?

Evenki is not spoken in India. Marathi and Punjabi are both languages spoken in India.

How many universities are in India?

India is a home for Education. There are over 300 Univerisities. There are many more institutes (in thousands) but they are not recognised. according to the latest information and details, there are 427 registered universities in India which include public (national, state owned and autonomous) and private universities

How many colleges and universities are in India?


How many central universities in India?


How many IIT universities in INDIA?


How do you say how are you in India?

You say how are you in India in many languages such as Hindi, Punjabi,Gujrati,Murathi and many more i know in Hindi and Punjabi. Hindi=Ap kayse ho?? Punjabi=Ki hal e?? I hope I helped answering your question thank

WHERE TO GET essay on CLEAN INDIA in Punjabi?

Try Punjabi literature in your library.

What languages are spoken in Punjab India?

first of all i wanna correct u.........the language is Punjabi..............and yes it is spoken in Punjab,India and other states where punjabis are living.........many Punjabi songs have been a part of bollywood films

Is jay Sean Punjabi?

Yes. Both his parents are Punjabi Sikhs from India.

What country is Punjabi spoken in?

Punjabi language is spoken in the state of Punjab, India.