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Q: Peter lalor who was his wife?
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Did peter lalor have a wife?

no he didn't have a wife

Did peter lalor have a wife and children?

yes he did

Did peter lalor have success?

was Peter lalor seccessful

Was peter lalor a convict?

No, Peter Lalor wasn't a convict.

Is Peter Lalor's full name Peter Xavier Lalor?


What is Peter Lalor's middle name?

Peter Lalor's middle name is Fintan.

Did Peter Lalor have any sisters?

peter Lalor doesn't have any sisters.

How many brothers and sisters did peter lalor?

peter lalor has 10 brother

Why was peter lalor the leader of the eureka stockade?

peter lalor was leader because he is awesome

Did Peter Lalor attack the Eureka Stockade?

No, Peter Lalor was the leader of the Eureka Stockade.

How many children did peter lalor have?

Peter Lalor had eleven children.

Which country was Peter Lalor from?

Peter Lalor, rebel leader of the Eureka Stockade, was an immigrant from Ireland.