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about 350.000£

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Q: What is 1889 Victoria D G coin Worth?
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Whose face is on Victoria D G 1889 coin?

Queen Victoria appeared on the obverse of all British and British Empire coins from 1838 to 1901 inclusive.

What is the value of Victoria D G 1887?

Very rare only two are known to be in existence that would make a third coin worth 1,000,000,00 U.S. Dollars

How much is a steel Great Britanniarum coin with Victoria D G?

There were no steel coins minted during Queen Victoria's reign.

Does the letter d on a US coin mean its worth more money?

No. It identifies which mint made the coin. D is for Denver.

Is the d Regina Canadian coin 1996 worth anything?

It's worth face value.

1921 d silver dollar worth?

In average condition the coin is worth $15-20.

1969 d penny?

This coin is only worth face value since it is still a coin that is in circulation.

1944 d how much is it worth?

Please be more specific which coin?

What is a 1977 eisenhower dollar coin with a D on it worth?

Face value.

How much is a 1907-D Liberty ten dollar gold coin in extra fine condition worth?

how much is a 1907-d liberty ten dollar gold coin in extra fine condition worth

How much is a 1944 D mercury dime worth?

This coin in Good condition is worth about $0.45. A coin in Uncirculated or Brilliant Uncirculated (MS60 and MS65) is worth between $14 and $28

How much is an 1841 gold dollar worth?

The US only issued gold $1 coins from 1849 to 1889. If your coin is slightly larger than a quarter and has a picture of President William Henry Harrison on the front: (A) It's made of brass, not gold (B) 1841 is the date he served as president, not the year the coin was struck (C) The date and mint mark are on the coin's edge (D) It's a common coin in the Presidential Dollar series and is only worth $1.