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Q: When was the Victorian treadmill abolished?
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What happened if you refused a Victorian treadmill?

They gave it to someone else.

What is the Victorian punishment walking the treadmill?

A treadmill is a big wheel (like a hamster wheel) that prisoners turned by walking inside it. The power from the wheel was used to drive machinery in a factory (a mill).

How old were Victorian slaves?

During the Victorian era (1837-1901) in England, slavery had been abolished. However, in the United States during this time, slaves could range in age from children to older adults, with their exact ages varying depending on when they were born and when slavery was abolished in different regions.

When was cousin marriage abolished in Christianity and by whom?

As far as I know, practically no demoninations have banned it. However, attitudes on the subject have changed since Victorian times.

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What are equine treadmill?

Basically a treadmill for horses similar to a human treadmill.

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What was the treadmill in Victorian England?

A cruel punishment for prisoners. and prisoners had to walk around in cycles soz about the spelling

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