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I Don't Know ..

Kaya Nga Po Nagtatanung Aku Eh ...

Tpos Nd Neu Dn Po Pla Alam -,-"

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Q: Who are the sewers of the first filipino flag?
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What do the colours in the Filipino flag mean?

Colors of the Filipino flag: Red: bravery Blue: peace White: purity

What is the flag name of Philippines?

The name of the Philippines flag is 3 stars and a sun. The Filipino flag was adopted on June 12th, 1898.

What is the Filipino word for flag pole?

The Filipino word for flag pole is "pataas ng bandila" or "tanggulan ng bandila."

What does the sun represent on the filipino flag?

The sun in the Filipino flag represents independence and freedom. It has eight rays which symbolize the first eight provinces that revolted against Spanish colonial rule.

What does the white mean on the Filipino flag?

equality and fraternity

Who is the first Filipino singer?

who is the first filipino singer?? who is the first filipino singer??

Who made the first filipino flag?

the first filipino flag can be trace from the time of the Andres Bonifacio's secrete society named kataastaasan kagalanggalangang katipunan ng mga anak ng bayan or ( highest and most honorable Society of the son of the nation) we known as KKK. Benita Rodriquez , Gregoria de jesus and bonifacio's wife who made this

What flag has one star with 2 white and 3 red stripes?

The Filipino flag does. The country of Philippines

Why would you get arrested wearing a Filipino flag belt buckle in the Philippines?

It is because the Philippine flag is prohibited to be worn as a uniform or in any form.

Is the Filipino flag tattoo on Batista's arm real?

Yes, so are the rest of his tattoos.

When did the Philippines regained its freedom and joyously waved the Filipino flag?

The first time in 1898 after fighting the Spanish and the second time in 1946 after obtaining full independence from the United States.

Generoso Reyes the first filipino fingerprint technician?

first filipino fingerprints technician