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The numbat is unique to Western Australia, although prior to European settlement it was widespread across southern Australia. Selecting it as the animal emblem helped to raise public awareness of the threats facing this marsupial, and awareness leads one step further away from extinction.

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Q: Why was the numbat chosen to be the emblem of Western Australia?
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Is the numbat the state mammal of Western Australia?

Yes. The numbat is the faunal emblem of Western Australia.

What animal is on the Western Australia flag?

The black swan is on the flag of Western Australia.The black swan is unique to Australia, and was first identified in Western Australia by Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh in 1697.

When did the numbat became the fauna emblem?

The numbat was adopted as the official faunal emblem of Western Australia on 25 July 1973.

What is the name of the state emblem of Western Australia?

The faunal emblems of Western Australia are the Black Swan and the Numbat. The plant emblem is the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw.

What is Mandurah's faunal emblem?

Mandurah is in Western Australia, and therefore has the same faunal emblems as the rest of Western Australia - the numbat and the black swan.

What is Western Australia's bird emblem?

Western Australia's emblems are:the numbat, a small, striped, endangered marsupialthe black swanthe floral emblem is the red and green kangaroo pawWestern Australia also has an official state fossil emblem, which is the Gogo fish.

Is a numbat native to Australia?

Yes. The numbat, a small, termite-eating marsupial, is endemic to Australia, meaning it is not found anywhere else. Although it was once more widespread across southern regions of the continent, it is now found exclusively in Western Australia. It is the faunal emblem for Western Australia.

Why is the Banded Anteater the Western Australian Animal Emblem?

The correct name for this animal is the numbat, and it is important to note at it s not related to anteaters at all. It is a marsupial. The reason the numbat is the Western Australian symbol is that it is found only in Western Australia. Although once widespread across the southern art of the continent, the numbat is now restricted to a few small areas of wandoo bushland in southwest Western Australia.

What is the Numbat general description?

The Numbat is a marsupial anteater of Western Australia.

Is the numbat Australian?

Yes. Numbats are small marsupials unique to Western Australia.

What is the fauna emblem of Western Australia?

Queensland's faunal, or animal, emblems are:Animal (Faunal): KoalaBird (Avian): BrolgaAquatic: Barrier Reef Anemone FishThe fauna components of the Queensland coat of arms consists of a red deer and brolga (a native bird of the crane family) supporting an escutcheon which includes the heads of a bull and a ram.See link below for further details.

What is the specialty of numbat?

Numbats feed almost exclusively on termites. They are found primarily in wandoo forest of Western Australia.