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The only way Runescape can get onto your computer is if you (or someone with access to your computer) downloaded it from the internet ! If there's no uninstall option in the folder where Runescape is installed, use the 'Add and remove programs' option in Control Panel !

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Q: How did RuneScape get on your computer and how do you remove it?
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When you play runescape for like 10 minutes this blue screen comes and restarts your computer?

No that means its your computer its not runescape you ass

How does RuneScape kill a computer?

It doesn't.

Why can not you get on Runescape?

Just remove your Cache from your computers C: drive, and restart Runescape Client.

On RuneScape where are a rat tail?

You have to get off the computer

How do you get runescape unblocked form your own computer but dont have the password?

Try playing RuneScape on MiniClip.

How do you get on RuneScape with a college America computer?

You open a browser, and type in the address of the main RuneScape site.

Does RuneScape work on Windows 7?

Yes, RuneScape will work on almost (if not all) "modern browsers", especially Windows operating system computers. Basically, as long as your computer can install Java, then you should be able to play RuneScape on your computer. Most graphics cards should be able to run RuneScape, and because RuneScape is a browser-based game, it shouldn't take as much space on your computer.

Can you enter your runescape passward from a different computer?


How do you remove a redberry bush on RuneScape?

pick the berries!

Why can't you play runescape private server on windows 7?

You can't? Then try see if your computer has problems - my computer is a Windows 7 and it has no problems with Runescape private servers.

Is it possible for someone to hack into your computer if you play runescape?

If hackers find a security hole in Runescape which allows them to infiltrate and bypass any security measures your computer might have then yes, it is possible for someone to hack into your computer when playing Runescape. But seeing as Runescape is pretty old and still are being developed upon then the chance of this happening is pretty slim. Runescape might be one of the most secured MMORPG games today.

How do you get a good RuneScape bot?

There are no good Runescape bots out there and almost all websites will infect your computer. If not, you will surely be banned.