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They could only perform basic calculations.

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with only basic calculations

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Did computers function before microprocessors?

They could only perform basic calculations.

How did computers function before micoprocessors?

The earliest computers used valves (glass tubes about the size of an aerosol can) instead of microprocessors. Those computers were huge (often filling a whole room). These were superseded by transistors - which reduced the size of a typical computer to about the size of a stationary cupboard. Once microprocessors were widely available, the modern desktop (and laptop) computers became wide-spread.

Where are microprocessors used?


What did the development of microprocessors allow businesses to do with their computers?

Everything, computers would not exist the way they do today without microprocessors. Before the Microprocessor computers were the size of a filing cabinet or larger and were too slow to do more than math problems.

What is micro computers?

Microcomputers are those computers in which microprocessors are implemented as the cpu .

Is used in fourth generation computers?


How did a computer work before a microprocessor?

Before the introduction of microprocessors there were transistors, and before that vacuum tube devices. The size of these components made computers very big.

What breakthrough in technology led to smaller computers?


Are there personal computers with 128 bit microprocessors?

Not yet.

What are the applications of microprocessors?

The applications of microprocessors are identical to those of any other programmable electronic digital computers, except due to its significantly smaller size and reduced cost compared to the other programmable electronic digital computers that preceded it these applications can now be computerized too in many places and systems where it was not practical to computerize them before the development of microprocessors.

Computers and microprocessors are manufactured in Silicon Valley in the state of?


What development allowed computers to become physically smaller?


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