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A processing device is a machine that stores, retrieves and processes data. Five examples of processing devices include; The Hard Drive The Motherboard Memory Card RAM (Random Access Memory) CPU (Central processing unit).

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2014-06-25 15:12:05
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Example of processing devices

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2020-06-12 14:03:00

Graphic Processing Unit (GPU).


Network card.

Sound card.

Video card.

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Q: What are 5 examples of processing devices?
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Examples of software devices?

Word processing program

Examples of processing devices?

Examples of processing device are computers, mobile phones and calculators. Any device that processes data can generally be referred to as a computer.

What are 10 examples of processing devices?

10 hardware devices include these listed here:RAMhard diskkeyboardprosessor chipmotherboardgraphic cardUSBCD drivefloppy drivewebcam

What is the definition of processing devices?

Processing devices are those devices which are used for processing the computer system. For example:mother board, video card,sound card etc.

What two devices for processing?

the processing devices are CPU, CD-ROM, and Memory Card

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What are some examples of the processing devices in a computer?

The CPU, the FPU (floating point unit), the sound card, and the video card would be examples of processing devices. The memory and the BIOS would be examples of storage devides. Processing devices convert between types of data, manipulate data, and perform tasks with the data. Audio and video processing would including cleaning up the data to where it is more pleasing to the ear and eye and making things seem more realistic. That is what things may look better on some video cards than on others, since the video card does more processing and rendering to improve realism.

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