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"Disc" refers to optical media, such as CDs or DVDs.

"Disk" refers to magnetic media, such as hard drives.

So the answer depends on which drive you are referring to; most have both an "optical disc drive", and a "hard disk drive".

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Q: What is the correct spelling for computer disc drive?
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When talking about DVD's is the correct spelling Disk or Disc?

disc is correct when talkin about cd's and dvd's

How do you spell frisbies?

The correct spelling is "frisbees" (plastic disc).

What is the purpose of a disc drive?

A disc drive serves an important purpose to all computers. A disc drive allows a computer to read CD's and play whatever content is on the disc. Without a disc drive, most computer software would not be able to perform.

I put a disc in my drive. I ejected the drive but the disc is still in there. What should I do?

If you have tried to eject a disc from the drive of your computer, but it will not eject, the best thing to do is take your computer or laptop to a repair shop. Trying to pull the disc out on your own might result in damage to the disc or the system.

Is the floppy disc obsolete?

Yes, if you are building a computer there is no reason to get a floppy disc drive.

What is a legacy computer storage device?

Floppy disc drive.

Does the you i pad have a disc drive?

no, because it is not a computer pretty clear

Is a disc hardware or software?

The hard drive in a computer is hardware.

How can you play a blu ray disc on your computer?

Your computer has to have a Blu-Ray compatible hard drive in order to play a Blu-Ray disc

How do you transfer photos from computer onto a disc?

Assuming your computer has a recordable CD or DVD drive in it... Insert a recordable CD or DVD into the drive. Format the disc, then simply drag & drop the pictures you want to copy from the pictures folder on the computer - onto the disc's directory.

Where do you insert your action replay disc?

In the hard drive then go into my computer.

What is a common media storage on a computer?

It's a hard disc drive.

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