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The Lexmark 1200 takes a black cartridge and a color cartridge. The black cartridge that the Lexmark 1200 uses is or 16 and 17 cartridge, with the 17 cartridge being the moderate use cartridge. The color cartridge required by the printer is the 26 or 27 cartridge, with the 27 cartridge being a moderate use cartridge as well.

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Q: What type of ink does the Lexmark 1200 take?
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how do u change ink cartridge in lexmark x3650

How do you fit in the ink cartridge in Lexmark 1200 priters?

mijn computer is vista, ik kan mijn printer lexmark 1200 niet instaleert, astublief help me. maar ik kan geen engels astublief ik kan geen engels

Do they make refillable ink for Lexmark inkjet printers?

Yes, they do make refillable ink for Lexmark inkjet printers. You can get printer ink refill kits for Lexmark inkjet printers at

Can you refill the ink in a Lexmark 83 18L0042 Color Ink Cartridge?

The catridge for a Lexmark 83 18L0042 can be refilled

Lexmark 100 ink and 100xl ink?

what is the difference between the model number of ink

How do you refill the lexmark 100 XL ink cartridge?

you don't lexmark wont allow it .

Where can you purchase Lexmark printer ink?

Lexmark printer ink is widely available at retail stores and online sites. Wal-Mart, Target, Office Depot, Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay all stock and sell Lexmark ink.

What is the best place to purchase ink cartridges for the Lexmark printer?

If one was looking for the best place to purchase ink cartridges for their Lexmark printer, it would be online at the Walmart website. Walmart sells inexpensive ink cartridges for Lexmark printers.

What ink cartridge for lexmark x1270?

The compatible ink cartridges for a Lexmark X1270: - #26 color - #27 color - #16 mono - #17 mono

What lexmark or HP ink is compatible with a Dell 948?

Dell 498 has the same building structure and ink system than the lexmark X6570. So if you go for the ink meant for that one, it will work.

Where can Lexmark ink be purchased?

Lexmark printer ink is widely available in box box stores such as Office Max, Best Buy, Office Depot and Staples as well as online at Amazon. Some models of Lexmark ink are also available online at the company website.

Does Lexmark sell refillable printer ink?

Lexmark is one of the most popular brand on the market today and their ink refill is readily available. You can get this at or

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