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so you can get your deploma,graduate and go to a great college.

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Q: Why is high school education important?
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Do you need computers in high school?

Computers are a tremendously important tool in modern society, so for schools or colleges NOT to have computers would be folly in the extreme.

What are the parts of technology livelihood and education?

There are different components which make up the curriculum for technology and livelihood education. Some of the important one includes, home technology, information technology and communication education,business technology and industrial education.

Are online classes free or are there any free online classes?

Answer 1: i really dont know but there is some classes on youtube =)Answer 2: Yes, there are free online both high school and college courses. MIT, for example, offers many "Open Courseware" courses. The "Coursera" website also offers courses for free. And there are many others. There's also the unique "Kahn Academy" that's worth exploring.Down in the "sources and related links" area of this web page I have placed a link to a website which lists over 700 free online courses......BUT BE WARNED: none of them are "for credit," meaning that none of them will earn either high school or college credit. To earn high school or college credit, you must enroll in an online high school or college; and if you ever do that, make sure that that the school in which you entroll is accredited by an agency approved by the US Department of Education (USDE), and/or the USDE-sanctioned Council for Higher Education Accrediation (CHEA) (or their equivalent in your country if you live outside the US).

In general in which countries is the percentage of people using computers the lowest?

high poverty low education

What happens in hsm4?

If you are referring to the High School Musical series, there will not be HSM4.

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What is school education so important?

to have high schooling and a good job when your grown.

Why are high school diplomas important?

One of the main requirements for attaining any job or even going on to further your education is having a high school diploma. Completing high school is the most basic form of education in the western world.

What does further education mean?

Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.Typically, it refers to education beyond completion of the high school level.

What is the educational level in Belgium?

Education is important in Belgium, and approximately 71-percent of adults have earned their high school diploma or the equivalent of a high school diploma. Anyone that has a high school diploma in Belgium can continue their education at universities and colleges.?æ

How come social skills and etiquette are not officially and formally taught in high school when they are so very important when one gets out of school?

Physical education should be taught in high school because it is important to use when one gets out of school because if you want to live longer you have to use physical education.

What education and training will you have when you have finished high school to become an tattoo and body artist?

A high-school education..

Is graduate school considered postsecondary education?

Primary education is grade school, grades 1-6. Secondary education is high school, (or junior high school followed by high school) which is grades 7-12. Post secondary education is college or university. And graduate school is post-graduate education.

What is Ricky Carmichaels education?

He has a High School Education.

What is postsecondary education?

education beyond high school

What is Johnny Cash's education?

High school education.

Are online high school courses a valid education?

High school courses can be very useful and are indeed a valid version of a high school education. A valid education is based on how you learn best.

What does post high school mean?

Post high school is a term that refers to any education received after high school. College, university are both types of post high school education.

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