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Most companies require a degree in computer science or in information technology. Seems like the days are past when you can go into an entry level job in this field without the education. It is also somewhat difficult to learn how to apply for jobs and to be able to interview your way into the job. Do not get discouraged--there is a job out there for you. The more cheerful you are about your prospects, the more likely your job will come. Visit your local employment office and make use of their resources. Apply to government jobs on line--usajobs is a good one. Finally, keep upgrading your resume to include all things you have done that are included in the job notice. You might need a functional resume at first. Finally, do not be afraid to take a job that provides survival money, even if it is not in your degree.

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2007-09-16 01:11:46
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Q: Why is it so hard to find an entry level job as a software engineer or even the IT field?
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What fields are offering the most entry level jobs?

According to Forbes, the best paying entry level jobs are software engineer, sales representative, electrical engineer, quality engineer, physical therapist, occupational therapist, systems engineer, and network engineer.

What is entry level?

An entry-level job in advertising, an entry-level computer job, or an entry-level job in any field means a job that is appropriate for or accessible to a person who is inexperienced in a field or new to a market.

What software engineering do?

a software engineer is a person who designs and programs system-level software, such as operating systems, database management systems (DBMSs) and embedded systems. The title is often used for programmers in the software industry who create commercial software packages, whether they be system level or application level. "Software engineer," "systems programmer" and "systems engineer" titles are often synonymous.

What is the average salary for an entry level job as a welding engineer?

The average salery for an entry level job as a welding engineer is pretty good you will make $56000 a year which isn't bad its a moderate living to survive.

How much money does a process engineer earn?

entry level min. 65-70K after that depends on experience level

What degree is needed for a mechanical engineers?

They need a bachelors degree as a entry-level Mechanical Engineer

What is the salary of a recording engineer?

Entry Level Salary:$18,540Average Salary:$36,970Maximum Salary:$82,510

How much does an entry-level network engineer make a year?

With only CCNA and no experience, $40,000-55,000.

What is the minimum education require to be a civil engineer?

The minimum educational requirement for professional positions within this field is a bachelor's degree for entry level. Many higher positions may require a master's or doctorate.

What are the qualifications needed for an entry level position in the field of biotechnology?

In order to obtain an entry level position in biotechnology, you will need to have a degree in the field. There are very few Science or engineering jobs you can get without a degree.

What is the ranking on engineering levels?

Engineering levels are pretty simple: * Level 1 or Entry level or Graduate level * Level 2 or Engineer * Level 3 or Senior Engineer / Becoming a Chartered * Level 4 or Lead Engineer / Chartered Status + postgrad * Level 5 or Chief Engineer / Chartered Status + Masters Eng or Business or PHD Each step takes 2 - 4 years depending on the individual.

How much money can a programmer earn?

Graduate software engineers are at the lower end of the scale, averaging around £25K while a senior software engineer averages around £50K. However, there are many other factors that can affect your salary, such as your field of expertise and your level of experience in that field, as well as the company you work for.

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