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to send an overseas fax to Greece from the US or Canada, you need to dial:


011 is the code to dial internationally

30 is the country code for greece

Area codes are 2-4 digits, phone numbers are 6-8 digits. Total numbers in Greece (without country code) should be 10 digits.

Greece area codes are as follows - if your number includes these, you do not need to dial them twice

Athens 21

Heraklion 281

Patra 261

Chania 2821

Kavala 251

Rethymno 2831

Corfu 2661

Larissa 241

Trikala 2431

Drama 2521

Lasithi 241

Thessaloniki 231

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Have fax number For ST Dennis apartments Tsllivi Zatynthas

(oo30)269 5045297 But fails tyo send

Why? Thank YOU


If you are sending fax from US to Greece, dial international code of US which is 011 then then key in 30 the international code of Greece e.g 011 + 30 +

Area Code + Tel. number. internet fax service is more fast and cost effective to use than fax machine.

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Q: How do you send an overseas fax to Greece via a fax machine?
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