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bluetooth usb/serial port wifi/internet connection universal cradle

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Generally, there is one. Most PDAs use a USB cord to connect and sync with your PC.

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A PDA connects to to your desktop by way of Bluetooth wireless, USB, or serial port.

By Assie D in Reno!

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Q: List the ways that a PDA can connect to a PC to synchronize with it?
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You can synchronize a PDA to a PC but not to a cell phone?

PDA store apllication programs and data in ROM

If you have a laptop computer and a PDA that supports IrDa Which device is no longer needed to synchronize the data between these two when you are traveling?

the PDA cradle

If you have a laptop computer and a PDA that support IrDA which device is no longer needed to synchronize the data between these two when you are traveling?

what is my answer? the options were: a. The PDA b. The laptop c. The PDA Cradle d. The laptop docking station. The correct answer is C. The PDA Cradle.

What are the five ways a PDA can be used to access internet?

PDA's can access the internet though many types of connections. These connections include WiFi, Bluetooth, USB connections to a computer connected to the internet. Some more ways a PDA can connect to the internet are through a docking station and inferred beam connections.


Yes, Unitech PDA's can connect to the internet and access email. As long as you are computer savvy, then there will be no difficulty getting information into this pda.

Can you connect to the Internet with a PDA wirelessly?

Yes you can

Can PDA's connect to PC's?

PDA's can be connected to a computer. Files can be transferred from the PDA to the computer and from the computer to the PDA. Data such as phone numbers, addresses and appointments can be synchronized between PDA's and computers so the information can be the updated.

Can pda's connect to wireless broundband?

Yes, some of them.

Are there any pda's that will play mp3's as well as connect to an external hdd USB 2 preferably without a computer as a middle-man ie play the mp3's direct from the hdd?

I know of no PDA which will recognize an external hard drive. The only ways I know to get files into a PDA are either through the computer you sync

How is data entered into a PDA?

Memory Card, connect to PC by cable, using keypad software PDA

Pda's typically connect to pc's through which type of connectors?

PDA's connect to the PC through three types of connections. They can connect via a USB cable, a Serial cable and through Bluetooth connections. Bluetooth connections are becoming more popular for portability.

Where is the PDA faction screen mercenaries 2?

Go all the way to the right on your PDA to the "Info" tab and it will be at the top of a list.