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I suppose an interface which only allows one user. Most common OS these days have multiple users and often allow the users to be logged on at the same time.

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Q: What is meant by single user interface?
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What is Comparison between DOS and Windows?

DOS CUI - Character User Interface Single user Single task Windows GUI - Graphical User Interface Single User (except NT) Multi task

Does Windows and Linux have a single default GUI interface?

No. There is no single user interface for Linux. GNOME. KDE, Xfce, Fluxbox, and CDE are all examples of user interfaces / desktop environments for Linux.

What do you mean by menu based user interface?

A user interface that uses menus to communicate with the computer. Rather than having a single line where a command must be typed in, the user has a list of items to choose from, and can make selections by highlighting one. This kind of interface is easier to use than a command-line interface, but does not have all the visual elements of a graphical user interface.

What messaging is a service that makes several forms of communication available from a single user interface?


Is user interface hardware or software?

The user interface is software.

What is user interface and their differentype?

This is what the user sees and works with when using the computer..Different types are Graphical user interface, Command line interface and Manual driven interface

What GUI stand for?

Graphical User Interface

What is it when a user interface can be easily used?

when the window is user friendly then we can easily use the user interface.

What type of user interface is used by Microsoft Word?

Graphic User Interface (user-friendly)

Where is the LiveArea screen on the PSVita?

The PSVita's graphical user interface, that series of scrolling screens with your games and apps, is what is meant by the LiveArea.

When was Magic User Interface created?

Magic User Interface was created in 1993.

What does the letters GUI stand for?

Graphical User Interface