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Q: How do you set the AUX on comcast remote?
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How do you program a toshiba tvdvd with a comcast 3 in 1 remote control?

YOu must program it as a Toshiba DVD using the AUX button on remote control and the codes 0695 (which worked for me) or 0503, or 1045.Then seperately set up the volume by changing the volume control lock according to directions. FYI... Comcast could not help at all!______________________________________________________That was a helpful answer, thanks.Additionally, based on my own experience a couple of minutes ago, I was able to program the Comcast remote for the Toshiba TV/DVD combo (Tosh model MD19N1, fyi) by using the AUX button & treating the TV/DVD combo as a DVD, as the answer above suggested. But the code that worked for me was the Toshiba DVD code listed in the Comcast remote pamphlet (specifically, code #20695), rather than the codes stated above. But the answer, above, to use the AUX button & treat the TV/DVD combo as a DVD is what set me on the road to being able to program the remote. Also, the answer suggested above about programming the volume for the remote, by just following the Comcast remote instructions for "unlocking" the volume was exactly right. Also, fyi, none of this programming of the Comcast remote messed up TV/DVD operation by the original remote I have for the TV/DVD. I just didn't want to have to be juggling two remotes all the time.Thanks alot for that answer above. (11/5/10)

what is the Comcast code for a Colby TV?

To set your Coby TV up with Comcost using a Digital Adapter Remote the code will be 12017.Ê If you are using a different remote with Comcast you can also try 11265.Ê If you are still having troubles call Comcast directly.

Comcast remote code for Yamaha rx-v665?

comcast remote code for Yamaha receiver

How do you program dynex HDTV with comcast remote control?

What is the code for comcast remote for Supersonic TV

Can a comcast remote learn from another remote?

no, it is not a learning remote.

Can you use the Comcast DVR Remote work with all Comcast cable boxes?

Yes! to program your remote,

I've lost the remote to my sanyo dvd player, can I program my comcast remote to work with it or do I need to buy a replacement?

You can probably program your Comcast remote to work with it just fine.

Remote code for element tv 10178 will not work with comcast remote?

Worked for me

What buttons on dish remote control DVD?

Once the DISH remote is programmed to your DVD player, it can be operated in AUX mode. To get to that mode, press the AUX button on the upper right corner of the remote control.

What is the comcast remote code for a ge 27gt615?


How big is a comcast remote?

8 or 9 inches

I can't sync my Comcast remote to my Sylvania LC320SLX what do I do?

Call comcast, they helped me over the phone step by step.