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There are exactly 53

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Q: How many buttons are on a comcast remote?
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Why doesn't Comcast have larger buttons on their remote control for the converter box HDTV The remote buttons are to small for elderly people. ?

Well, I happen to agree that the remote control keys are very small...whether we are elderly or not. What I finally did was get an oversized key remote which is absolutely terrific. I found mine at K-Mart and it cost $9.99. Go to any superstore and ask for a big button universal remote control. Once you purchase it call Comcast and ask them to help you program it for your electronics or to send a technician out to do it for you.

Comcast remote code for Yamaha rx-v665?

comcast remote code for Yamaha receiver

How do you program dynex HDTV with comcast remote control?

What is the code for comcast remote for Supersonic TV

Can a comcast remote learn from another remote?

no, it is not a learning remote.

Can you use the Comcast DVR Remote work with all Comcast cable boxes?

Yes! to program your remote,

I've lost the remote to my sanyo dvd player, can I program my comcast remote to work with it or do I need to buy a replacement?

You can probably program your Comcast remote to work with it just fine.

Remote code for element tv 10178 will not work with comcast remote?

Worked for me

What is the comcast remote code for a ge 27gt615?


How big is a comcast remote?

8 or 9 inches

I can't sync my Comcast remote to my Sylvania LC320SLX what do I do?

Call comcast, they helped me over the phone step by step.

What are the remote codes ofr LG television remote 37LC7D?

what are the codes for a 47LG50 remote control to program DVD,VCR,Comcast

what is the Comcast code for a Colby TV?

To set your Coby TV up with Comcost using a Digital Adapter Remote the code will be 12017.Ê If you are using a different remote with Comcast you can also try 11265.Ê If you are still having troubles call Comcast directly.